Provence is a famous region in France, which is associated with the rustling of lavender fields, the aroma of fresh pastries and a light Mediterranean charm, comfort, and harmony. This region gave the name to the modern interior style which reflects the charm of the provincial comfort and coziness, old French traditions and unique natural elegance. The provincial style is all about simplicity, charm and comfort. French style kitchen interior is designed in mostly warm hues combining natural materials with natural textures and an abundance of light. Wooden floor in light hues, aged furniture with scuffs, patina, wood carvings and white wall panels may create a typical French countryside kitchen interior.

Provence style natural materials

Provence is an eco-friendly interior style. Only natural materials are used in the kitchen design: stone, metal, glass and wood with natural texture. The floor and walls can be decorated with mosaic or tile. Another interesting option could be the design of the ceiling made of white wooden beams.

Provence style kitchen furniture

If you want to bring an atmosphere of Provence to your kitchen interior, the furniture should some have distinctive features. One of the key features is natural texture of wooden furniture. Scuffs, patina and wood carvings will add character to your kitchen design. Kitchen cabinets can be made in light, cream and sand colours as well as pastel pistachio and blue hues. The furniture should have simple, clear and concise forms. Although the Provence interior is all about countryside atmosphere, the kitchen design in urban apartments and cottages can be a bit transformed by adding some modern touches. You can replace a traditional dining table with a bar counter adopted to the typical features of the French style interior.

The French provincial style is a harmony of artificially aged or old, shabby furniture, open shelves, vintage dishes and plenty of rustic details. You can also decorate open shelves with plethora of kitchenware in countryside style, decorative painted plates, clay pots, fancy bottles and clay pots with flowers, jars with spices and herbs. Modern appliances should be covered hidden behind the facades. A microwave or electric kettle may look a bit ridiculous in such interior.

Colour palette of Provence style interior

Warm, pastel colors of the walls, furniture, flooring are predominant colours for a French country interior. Cream, beige, white, terracotta, olive, coral colours form a full range of the most popular shades of this rustic style. The pastel colours create an effect of furniture and textile burnt out under the southern sun. An always winning combination is the colours of the sea, sun and sand. The walls and floor in white, beige, cream, pale blue, yellow and terracotta colours will create a perfect Provence harmony.

Kitchen lighting

Well-designed lighting will help you create cozy and peaceful atmosphere of tranquility in your French kitchen. Forged designs like chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps will be the best solution for a Provence kitchen. A special lighting focus should be made on the dining and cooking area. As for LED backlight and the dot system, you should avoid them in the Provence style.

Provence style textiles

One of the key features of this style is the abundance of textiles: cotton and linen napkins, curtains, tablecloths, towels, soft seats and etc. With floral patterns on tablecloths, towels or curtains, your kitchen will be blooming all year round while lace, ruffles and embroidery will domesticate the interior.

Décor and accessories. Provence style in details

Additional accessories will help you complete your kitchen’s design. Wicker baskets, clay porcelain and tin pots, bottles, abundance of flowers (lavender, roses, sunflowers and rosemary) will create a unique atmosphere of comfort. If you have a free wall, you can decorate it with paintings, large clocks or mirrors.

Creating a Provence style kitchen interior may seem a quite time consuming task. But sticking to these simple basic rules, you will certainly design your cozy and comfortable kitchen that will delight you and your guests.