What are frame MDF fronts?

As you can see from the name, these fronts consist of frames and panels. The frame itself is a molded MDF profile. These MDF profiles are covered with melamine paper, PP film, PVC and veneer sheets from leading wood-based panels manufacturers (Pfleiderer, Kroning, Schattdecor, Renolit, Interprin and etc).

Frame facades are a great option that will help you give your kitchen a unique homely atmosphere. Besides, with MDF frames you will be able to create a unique kitchen design without spending a fortune. A wide range of options allows you to create hundreds of frame and panel combinations. The coating material range offers over 120 options.

One of the benefits of MDF frame fronts from MDF fronts covered with PVC film is that they are far more practical and high temperature resistant as well as eco-friendly. Frame facades are covered with protection varnish and non-painted fronts are protected with expansion joints.

MDF frame facade manufacturers use the latest equipment from the leading manufacturers of wood-based material. For example, Holzma machines are used for cutting MDF and wood particle boards. Barberan machines are used for coating moldings and cutting the decorative coating. Profiles are milled with the machines by Weining (Germany) and SCM (Italy). Martin panel-formatting machines by Otto Martin mashinenbau (Germany) cut board material with a high level of accuracy. Modern equipment allow to produce MDF frame kitchen fronts of exceptionally high quality.

If you prefer natural materials, you can also consider facades made of veneered chipboard. You can choose veneer with natural shades as well as soaked in dye (for creative solutions). Such fronts are covered with glossy or matte varnish which makes them highly resistant to humidity and other aggressive environments and natural veneer creates an impression that the kitchen is made of real wood.